Thursday, August 7, 2014

Knitting Projects

I’m an avid reader and knitter.  I always have a book on my Kindle that I’m reading and I always have a knitting project on my needles.

Here’s a few of the knitting projects I finished.

CowlsCrystalPalaceYarns Mini MochiWoolNylon303
I really like this Quickie Mesh Cowl and have made three of them so far.
CrystalPalaceYarns Mini MochiWoolNylon303Me wearing the cowl on the left. I’m keeping this one.
Salai's Cowl
Salai wearing the cowl on the right that I made for her birthday.
Wool.Universal Yarn,wisdom yarns Poems Chunky Color 906 Wool.Universal Yarn,wisdom yarns Poems Chunky Color 906 (2)Clay wanted one for himself when he saw me wearing my hooded cowl so this is what I knitted him.
Ice Yarns.BlackZerdoTwisWool-Acrylic (2)Sandy lost her favorite black and white scarf, so I knitted this one for her. Ice Yarns.BlackZerdoTwisWool-Acrylic (1)

I prefer to knit small, portable projects like scarves, shawls, hats and cowls.  I’m not real good at maintaining the correct gauge so I don’t attempt sweaters or jackets…they have always come out too big or too small…so I stick to items where gauge doesn’t matter much.

I really enjoy using my nickel-plated Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles from Knit Picks.  They all fit in a small zippered 9” x 7” case.  It holds all my needle tips and connecting cables.  Such a space saver for an RVer.

That’s it for now.  Got to get back to my knitting project.  Remember, you are loved.


  1. Love the cowl with Universal varigated yarn--simple, beautiful, practical!


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