Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jim’s Buddies

Tuesday’s cataract surgery went well and by late Wednesday I was seeing perfectly out of my right eye.  In fact, I think I can see better out of my right eye than my 20/25 left eye.  Yes, I did have the Toric lens put in the right eye.

So now it is just a matter of having my six pairs of +3.00 reading glasses spread around the RV and vehicles so they are always available to me…..cause now I can’t read SH*T without them.  No manner of squinting will bring that jumble of letters into focus now.  But I can see those far away mountains as clear as can be now!!!

With the surgery behind us Thursday we moved back up to South Fork, Colorado, and were able to get into our favorite site at Highway Spring National Forest Campground.  Jim wasted no time in bringing out the peanuts to give to the chipmunks.

DSCN4097 DSCN4100

Russ, the camphost, came over and showed us a variety of a ?? powder puff ?? mushroom….I think that is the name.  It sure was huge…a cross between a large cauliflower and a soccer ball.

DSCN4094 DSCN4095

Russ said this is an edible mushroom and offered us a part of it.  No, no not for me.  Now I like mushrooms and, in fact, eat mushrooms every day, but not those wild mushrooms.  About seven years ago I ate a chanterelle mushroom I gathered with knowledgeable folks and got as sick as a dog, so no more wild mushrooms for me.

We’ll stay here for a couple of weeks and then move over to South Fork Campground for the Labor Day holiday.  Our buddies The Abeytas and The Berganns will join us there so it should be a fun, fun weekend!!!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Glad to see the surgery went well and you are back to writing the blog.

    1. Thanks, Jim and Nanc. I had to find glasses in the power that I could see again. Must say it is a hassle to always have to find glasses to do anything in the rig....can't see worth a darn without them inside....but I can see the horizon just fine.


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