Friday, April 25, 2014

Swapping Phones

Spent some time today talking with Verizon reps discussing their new “Edge” program.  It basically has you “lease” your phone with the ability after a year to upgrade to a newer phone after paying for the other 50% of the phone.  We want to do it because with the “Edge” program you get 10 GB of data.  We’ve out used our 6 GB and are paying an extra $10 for another 2 GB.

I terminated service on the MiFi (Jet-Pack) and saved $20 and will use the hotspot on our smartphones to get on the internet.

When all is said and done we will be paying about the same amount of money, but will get new phones every 2 years and have 10 GB of data to use.  Think we’ll get the Samsung Galaxy 4.

Started doing some “in-depth” spring cleaning today.  Got the bedroom finished using Scott’s Liquid Gold on all the wood….and why is it that RVs have so much wood???  Next I’ll tackle the kitchen area, then living room area.  I get tuckered out so have to do it in stages over several days.

That’s it for today, Folks.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I am interested in how your new phone system will work out as I am looking at other possibilities as well. Were you able to keep the same phone number? or were you already with verizon?

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  2. Peter, yes we are already with Verizon, but I understand you can keep your phone number when you switch now. With the Edge program you DO have to turn in your existing phone though.

  3. Thanks Bobbie, keep us posted how you like the new system! I am waiting for our phone to break and then we will probably change up!


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