Monday, April 28, 2014

Swanson and Bubar Visits

We got a call from Kathy and Bob Swanson from Ft. Collins, Colorado area last week.  They were one of our area managers last year.  They were going to be down to Pueblo on Wednesday to attend a water certification class.  So Wednesday we drove over to Pueblo and met them at Country Buffet for lunch. 

It sure was good to see them and find out how they fared over the winter where they took care of a couple of campgrounds that are open all year round.  We’ll see them again when we venture up to northern Colorado in August.

Then we heard from Mike and Sandy Bubar who were in New Mexico visiting.  Well, come on up to Camp Chapman and spend the night.  They were on their way from Taos to Colorado Springs to see if they could go to Pikes Peak.  So Sunday they arrived and parked next to us for the night.

Then, of course, we had to have a little happy hour before going to Cavillo’s for dinner.

This morning, Monday, we took The Bubars to breakfast at Campus CafĂ©…yes, same place we took The Goans last week.  Look at the cinnamon roll we ordered for them…it’s bigger than Sandy’s hand.

DSCN3377     DSCN3378
We all enjoyed our meals like the Spanish omelet and breakfast burrito

DSCN3379     DSCN3380

We sure enjoyed reconnecting with The Bubar’s….we figured we hadn’t seen each other since January 2012, when we were in Quartzsite, AZ.  But since we will be wintering in Arizona this year we will see them there for sure.

Anyone else traveling north through New Mexico and Colorado?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. OK I am not strong enough to resist that. Got to have one of those Cinnamon rolls. The rest of breakfast looks real good too but I can almost smell those Cinnamon rolls. I'm not going to mention them to Rhonda, it'll be a surprise.

    1. Yes, ordering those always bring a face with big surprise....they are mammoth!

  2. we will be driving thru Colo and NMex but we still haven't figured what our route will be or when we will be where... we are near San Antonio Tx now for the next couple of weeks

    1. Oh, please do let us know. If we're not still in Alamosa we will only be about 50 miles up in the mountains and we'd be happy to come down and meet you. We've been trying to get together for so long I want to make sure we get together this time.

  3. More on the road friends, how cool!!!!

    1. We are getting a steady stream of friends coming through Colorado so it is nice that they can stop by.


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