Friday, April 11, 2014

Back to Alamosa

We drove back to Alamosa from Espanola last Monday, April 7th.  And, yes, it is still cold at night (27*) and there is still snow on the ground on the north side of buildings.  Jim likes to come home early April….what can I say…he drives the truck.

This is the sight we both look forward to seeing….Mt. Blanca

Mt. Blanca AHS

As we drive through town we saw they have completed the mural of scenes of the San Luis Valley on the side of the new-ish museum done by local artists….very nice.

Museum Mural

When we come back to Alamosa we are in a whirlwind of seeing our local friends again, meeting for lunch and dinners for a couple of weeks.  I am saddened that I won’t be able to meet with my two friends, Naomi and Lory, who both died last year.

First this year was Nora Holmes.  We have lunch at the hospital…yes, the hospital that has a wonderful restaurant that is very inexpensive and use local ingredients.

Nora Holmes (1)

Yes, Nora’s hair is dyed to look like a rainbow with bands of color going from the front to the back.  She’s a spunky kiddo that is determined to be youthful.

We came home in time for me to attend the monthly meeting of Fiber Floozies, a gathering of men and women who love to work with fiber via spinning, weaving, knitting or crocheting.  We chat, plan attending fiber festivals and this time, signed up for a Fiber Fest during Summer Reading Program at the library.  Folks will demonstrate their craft to the kiddos and some will bring the rabbits they gather their fiber from.

Fiber Floozies (1) Salai Knitting Fiber Floozies (2)

We took a drive up to South Fork yesterday to see how the area fared during the winter, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow in a blog all by itself….oh, we ate the best pizza ever at Three Barrel Brewery in Del Norte…but more tomorrow.

Last night we had dinner with Nina and Greg Gillespie, but I forgot to take a photo.  Dinner was good but the company and conversation was exceptional.

Today we are going to 9 Health Fair where you can have a myriad of tests done from blood draw screenings, hearing, skin exam, oxygen content, etc.

Tonight we will attend a retirement reception for Alamosa’s City Clerk, Judy Egbert, and then dinner with buddies Heinz and Angela somewhere, usually for pizza.

Oh, it is nice to be back to Alamosa.

Remember, you are loved.
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