Saturday, April 19, 2014

Grill @ Cattails Dinner with Friends

Once again we joined Nina and Greg Gillespie to have dinner at the opening of the newest restaurant at the golf course in Alamosa.  This was a “soft opening” without any advertising, so there was only three parties during the time we were there.

This is a pretty setting for a restaurant with the windows overlooking the beauty of the golf course and the herd of some 80 deer that share the greens with golfers.

DSCN3315     DSCN3317

Here we are with Nina and Greg, our “go out to restaurant openings” buddies.  They are such neat peoples.


The menu for the soft opening was minimal with an offering of appetizers (like humus plate and nachos smothered with pork green chili and cheese) and a variety of sandwiches like BLT, burger, club, chicken salad, etc.  The burger looked hand-formed and Jim said it was pretty good.  I had the spinach walnut salad and it tasted like a spinach walnut salad.  We’ll go back in a few weeks after they’ve been opened for a while and hopefully added some dinner items.

After dinner we went back to Nina and Greg’s house for dessert and it was my favorite dessert to boot…..chocolate pudding over a cookie crust with whipped cream topping…yummmm

Their house overlooks a pond with Mt. Blanco in the background


The pond is home to a bunch of ducks


This time there was a beaver in the pond as well…can you see it in the foreground to the left?  Here’s a closer look.

DSCN3321        DSCN3322 

We had a nice evening with friends.

Remember, you are loved.

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