Friday, April 4, 2014

Snow in Spring

Last couple of days has been very windy with high gusts, but yesterday we also had SNOW!  Yes, the “S” word!!! That horrible, disgusting word all fulltime RVers avoid at all costs.  Well, it found us somehow.  No, it wasn’t a lot.  No, it didn’t accumulate on the ground.  But it was still SNOW. We drove back to Santa Fe to get more LED lights at Home Depot and had to drive through falling snow, ugh!!!

Jim is still helping Teddy finish up their living room remodel and we needed to get a few things for him at Home Depot also.  On a side note – Santa Fe passed an anti-plastic bag law, so now you have to bring your own bag to most Santa Fe stores.  Walmart is using large paper bags, but places like Bed, Bath and Beyond provide nothing.  Home Depot at least has orange nylon bags with their name on it for 50 cents.

Before we left Santa Fe we decided to try a new restaurant called Wek’s.  Their slogan is “The Bigger the Better” and it sure does describe their portion sizes.  They have a section of their breakfast menu for Papas (potatoes) with different toppings plus eggs.  They describe this selection has starting with “a mountain of potatoes”.  We saw a cinnamon roll being served and it was a good 5 inch square.  


We both had Huevos Ranchero and it was very, very good.  Two eggs on top of corn tortillas smothered in green chili, beans, hash browns, cheese with a flour tortilla served in a little cup for $8.99.

I made a tamale pie casserole and pinto beans for dinner for all of us and Teddy (who is always giving me heck) even said it was pretty good. We stayed at their house and enjoyed some TV.  We don’t usually watch comedy TV shows and I must say, I was shocked at how sexually explicit the comedies are now a days.  Sandy and Charles Lee got us into The Big Bang Theory which is cute, but then came The Millers and Two and a Half Men and I was pretty shocked at the explicit innuendos. Oh, well, back to watching Hallmark Movie channel on Thursdays.

Teddy was able to find a nearby sewer clean out so we were able to dump and made our stay easier.  Here is the view from where we are parked.


Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wow! Snow! Sounds like last April in Colorado and Wyoming, off and on all month long while we were I Trinidad, Denver and Ft. Collins... remember, we even hung out in a Cheyenne blizzard for days! Oh, well... helps us know what we are capable of, and we got in some good visits with kids and friends. And, about the "no bag" rule in Santa Fe... good for them! Wish more cities would adopt that policy! We can all do our part! Well, take care and be well!

  2. We're a little north in Lakewood (Denver), Colorado and we got hit by the same storm. Last April we got so much snow I was ready to pull up stakes and move to Florida. The rest of the year here is so glorious it's worth getting a little snow now and then.



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