Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Laundry….how boring!!!

But it has to be done.  We don’t have a washer/dryer in our rig by choice.  I much rather have the storage space.  Plus I don’t mind going to a laundromat by myself.  It gives me “alone time”…love that man of mine, but a little time alone is also good.

But before we headed out yesterday to do laundry we stopped next door to OhKay Casino for their breakfast buffet special.  The casino is close to The Abeytas.


With their players’ card you get the full buffet for $1.99 which sure is a bargain price.  Jim took full advantage of all their fare, but me trying to be carb and wheat-free, I limited myself to scrambled eggs, bacon (I know, I know) and some fruit.  Oh, yes, I must confess I did also have a cup of menudo, but you have to cheat every once in a while, right?

But for $1.99 you got two type of scrambled eggs (plus an omelet bar), red and green chili, bacon, sausage, ham, french toast, pancakes, waffle station, plus biscuits and gravy.  See I was good…I could have been soooo much worse.

After breakfast I left Jim at the casino to “win back our breakfast costs”, and I went next door to the laundromat.  I bought a Albuquerque newspaper at the convenience store and enjoyed reading about the local news and activities.

Later in the afternoon Jim helped Teddy put up their new light fixture and also put up wood trim.  I stayed in our RV getting batted around by continued strong winds. Teddy made sloppy joes for dinner while I enjoyed a big salad. 

It was nice watching TV with them and enjoying NCIS together.  We don’t often sit in a “stick and brick” house and I get a kick out of having to walk 10, 12 feet or more to get to the restroom or kitchen.  We are in our seventh year as fulltime RVers and I’m so very happy living in our cozy 36 foot fifth wheel living in 300 square feet.  I also very much enjoy making a smaller footprint on the earth.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. an RV friend told me they recently spent $40 at the laundromat. . .yikes! We enjoy Albuquerque each and every time we make a pass through there. . .y'all have fun!

    1. We do laundry every two weeks and I spend about $10 so that's $5 a week....that's not bad. Usually pay $1.25 to $2.o0 a load although I usually use the large capacity washers for $4.00 a load and put everything in there. I don't have "whites" so only separate jeans and sweats from permanent press.

  2. I just love our tight kitchen "triangle"....we always get lost in the kids 3000sf homes! A players card....often wondered how exactly those work! Something so settling as laundry time on your own it!

    1. You have to have a players card for each casino. That is how they "give" you promotional many points gives you promo food, or a tee shirts or something. We have about 10 players card and keep them on a ring. We always use our points for meals

  3. That is a GREAT deal on breakfast. I would have been in real trouble.
    These winds are wicked. Looks like you are still at Chohiti. Man I hope it is a bit more calm by the 14th, we are scheduled to roll out then. Stay safe,

    1. Wayne, we left Cochiti last Friday and are currently in Espanola, north of Santa Fe, at friends' property. We will leave here next week and head up to Alamosa. Are you going up to Colorado?


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