Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We’re On the Road Again

While Jim went to his final doctor’s appointment I went and saw Naomi one last time and then went to look for a birthday present for Roberta, whom we were going to visit in Espanola for the night.

Stopped by Heartstrings and Heirlooms, the local quilt store, and thought maybe I could find something appropriate for a birthday.  My quilt buddy, Barbara, pointed out some new yarn they began to carry, saying it makes up into a fun scarf.  The yarn pulls apart to reveal an open netting that looks like it was crocheted.  I didn’t have time to make a scarf I told her.  Barb corrected me and said I could make this scarf in 1 1/2 hours! Really???? In fact, you can get two scarves out of the package of yarn.  Here’s half the skein.


So I bought this colorway and started knitting.

After waiting an additional hour and a half at the doctor’s office, Jim got the “all clear”, he’s healing well, we hooked up the buggy and pulled out of town.

We weren’t going far…only to Espanola, NM…so Jim wouldn’t get too tired out.  Roberta and Teddy, as you may remember, are campers we met in Big Meadows back in 2009 who have become personal friends.  We pulled the rig into their large yard and we were set up.


Barbara was right, I continued to knit after we arrived with Roberta remarking how pretty the scarf was.  Another half hour and the scarf was done.  I said “I’m glad you like the scarf because I made it for you”. Doesn’t it work up nicely?



Teddy smoked up some delicious ribs and also some trout he caught in Colorado this summer.   Dinner was delicious. 

We had a wonderful visit, a good night’s sleep, and took off for Santa Fe Tuesday morning.  More later.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Beautiful - - don't knit but can crochet, will have to look for it when we get home. Glad to hear that Jim is "cured"; glad you are on your way hope you both stay well. Have a good trip and be safe.

    Carol / Brian Thompson

  2. May your travels be safe and happy! Glad to hear that Jim had his final appointment. Isn't it wonderful to be healed and out on the road again? Where to this winter? Will we see you in AZ?

  3. I made that very same scarf for my granddaughter... same color and pattern... except I think mine took me 3 months to knit..... hmmmmm... maybe I should have knit more than a row or 2 at a time before putting it aside for another week ;-) Safe Travels!


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