Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two More Dinners with Friends

The last few weeks we sure have been going out to eat a lot….I mean, A LOT!  Well, rack up a couple more!

Sunday we went to a delicious brunch buffet at Blue Foxx Grill at the local golf course. Later that day Don, Jim’s brother, and his lady, Debbie, asked to join them for dinner at Chili’s.  Sure, why not.











CIMG0899This will probably be the last time together before we leave the area, so we made it festive with a couple of drinks.  I ordered a triple sample margarita and it came in a fancy holder with three small glasses with a regular, raspberry and a El Nino margarita.  Isn’t it pretty?

We had a nice dinner with great conversation….nice, nice evening with friends!


We are beginning to have our last visits with friends and family members before we leave next week and were very happy to be invited to dinner by Nina and Greg Gillespie. 


Nina and Greg have a beautiful condo on the Cattail Golf Course. As we entered Greg was watching TV and what a TV it was.  I insulted (LOL) Greg by saying “what is that, a 70 inch TV?”  Sorry, Greg, I didn’t know they even made an 80 inch TV.  Here’s Jim standing by the TV to give you a perspective of how large it is.

CIMG0902 CIMG0903

The photo on the header of this blog today is the view from their back yard overlooking a cattail filled pond. We sat outside and watched the evening sky with the sun going down in the west casting a red tint on the Sangre de Cristo (blood of Christ) Mountains in the east…breathtaking!!!


While outside several flocks of geese came close by and even straight overhead.  It was awesome to see nature up close like that.




As it became cooler we went inside for a delicious dinner of potato, cauliflower and corn soup (Nina remember to give me the recipe), a chicken salad with moist banana bread and fruit for dessert.

Afterwards we played Chicken Feet, a dominoes game.  Jim and I hadn’t played Chicken Feet in at least three years….it’s popular with fulltime RVers.  It was so much fun to play it again.  We all giggled and laughed a lot.  Later we talked about RVs and the pros and cons of picking between Class A’s, fifth-wheels and Class C’s.

It was a fun night!!!! We will miss these dear friends!.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Love the new picture in your header ! Glad you had some good time with friends while Jim is on the mend. Hugs to you both !

  2. Time with friends or family is always awesome! Can't imagine an 80 inch TV, lol! Now you have me wanting one of those samplers, don't recall seeing them at the Chilis around here.


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