Monday, October 29, 2012

Girl’s Time and More Travel

While at the COE in Cartwright, OK the boys went to a nearby casino to “play” and Linda and I stayed home and made jewelry.  Back in July, Salai and I went to the Creede Beadery and bought some interesting beads to make earrings.  I have a lot of hobbies but beading isn’t one of them so I saved mine till we saw Linda and she could make them for me. 

Burns Run East COE Cartwright, OK (3)                         Burns Run East COE Cartwright, OK (2)

My hands are too clumsy to manipulate those wires, hooks and pliers, but Linda did a wonderful job with those beads.  In no time she made six pairs of earrings.

Burns Run East COE Cartwright, OK (4)

We left Cartwright Thursday morning and traveled to Salado, TX and stayed at Tranquil Gardens RV Park and with our Passport America discount paid $20.  It was one of the few RV Parks we’ve stayed at that didn’t back up to a railroad track and was off the interstate 2 miles so there wasn’t any noise of cars and trucks zooming by.  We rested well.

Friday we drove to Schertz, TX which is between New Braunfels and San Antonio.  We stayed at another Passport America discounted park, Stoney Creek RV Park for $18.75. That is a great price as parks in San Antonio can be from $30 to $45 or more.  The Mossman’s have family in San Antonio and we had some friends to see, so we stayed two days.

Sunday we drove to Whitsett and parked in the gate guard yard in preparation to being assigned on Monday.  Oh, boy, soon we’ll stop spending so much money on gas and eating out and will begin “making” money.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. I hope you got to enjoy the hot tub at Stone Creek. We worked that park and enjoyed spending time in the hot tub before bedtime....slept like a baby. Are you going back to the same property for gate guarding ? Miss you guys.

  2. Those beads are awesome and she did a great job making them into earrings!

  3. Jim can prolly use those for fishin lures.
    .. Andy

  4. Remember -- you are, too. ;-)


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