Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back Gate Guarding

We are back to the same ranch as we were in February, but different gate.  We don’t have to write anyone in or out; basically we sit outside during the day with the gate opened and wave and smile as the trucks go in and out of our gate to other parts of the ranch.

A lot of gate guards who have blogs have been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements which basically requires them to not write anything about the whole oil/gas drilling industry.  Many have stopped blogging or only blog about things unrelated to their job.  We haven’t been asked to sign that agreement, but I’ve always tried to be careful about what I blog, so it wouldn’t be in conflict with the industry or the company’s competitors.

So most of my blogs from now on will be pretty vanilla…..plain and without much taste LOL.  Also we don’t have very good cell or internet service on the ranch, so I won’t be blogging as often.  I’ll compose on Windows Live Writer and save the drafts.  Then I have to drive ten miles to where there is a good signal and publish it then and there.  Right now I’m parked in the truck in the parking lot of a closed bar typing this out.  I think I’ve got Jim convinced that we need a Wilson cell/data booster….he wants to be able to continue to play with his new smart phone so I might get the booster this time around.

So abide with us for the next four months as we gate guard in southern Texas and make enough money to pay off Jim’s hernia operation and then enough to go play in Louisiana in March when we will spend a month at Betty’s RV Park.  So excited about returning to Abbeville.

Well, my time on the gate is coming up so I’ll close for now.  Keep checking back for blog posts….I’m sure I can find something to blog about besides gate guarding.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Glad you are doing well and hope Jim likes his smart phone. Betty and I think we would like to gate guard. We have been looking into it for sometime now. Thanks for introducing us to Brian and Carol. Had lunch with them to say goodby as our season winds down here in North Dakota. We go to Campbellsville next.

  2. I'm sure you can blog without giving too much away about the oil/gas business. There are always funny little stories about the day, animal encounters, meals someone brought you, a book you're reading. Kind of endless, isn't it? No need to mention specific locations, company names, etc.

  3. Enjoy your winter there Bobbie. Sure sounds like you got a terrific gate. Waiting another week for the Doctor's final decision and then we'll begin making plans for a similar stint for us in the Spring.

    Have fun and happy Halloween.

  4. I hope your 4 month duty whizzes by so you can get to Abbeville soon! Hugs from freezing Indiana! J&C

  5. Just like in Madagascar. "Just smile and wave boys. Smile and wave". We're looking forward to seeing both of you again in 2013 when you get back to Colorado. Angela & Heinz


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