Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last Round of Visits with Friends

This is our last week in Alamosa and we have been enjoying having one last visit with our friends before we leave.


I go to see my friend, Naomi, a few times a week at the nursing home.  We have had particularly nice weather the beginning of the week so I took her out for a stroll in her wheelchair.  The trees have turned yellow and red and Naomi loves seeing the trees, flowers and particularly a view of Mt. Blanca on our strolls.  As we walked I picked leaves from different trees so she could see them up close. This really delighted her and we ended up making a bouquet of sorts from stems of leaves.

CIMG0912      CIMG0911
Another day my buddy, Nora, called and asked “let’s meet at the hospital and have lunch”.  Well, I must say, that was a first.  Actually “go” to the hospital for a meal??  Unheard of!!! 

Mark Lara (formerly of Lara’s Soft Spoken Restaurant in Alamosa) is now the chef at the café at the hospital and the food is magnificent!  (Actually, Mark may be the food director at the hospital, I’m not sure and don’t want to cut him short….I just don’t know his proper title.)  Anyway…….the food was great.  I understand there are a number of doctors and nurses who are vegetarian/vegan so Mark always has a good selection of food for them also.

Here is Nora, me and Nora’s granddaughter, Erica (who I befriended 14 years ago), having lunch on the patio in front of the hospital café.

The food was very good with a nice selection.  This was Mexican day so there was bean tostado, chicken tacos, green and red chili, nachos, a pasta salad, fruit salad and a very nice salad bar…oh, the peach bread pudding was good too.  Uniquely, you selected your food and then paid a flat $4.99 a pound for everything.  Isn’t that ingenious???  I wouldn’t hesitate to go again if asked.  Thanks, Nora and Erica for a delightful time together!

Thursday I get a series of text messages from our friends Heinz and Angela asking when we would be leaving, and asking if we could get together one last time.  “Sure, come on over.”

Chorizo “claims” Angela immediately when they come over as you can see.


Heinz brought over a very different concoction to drink.CIMG0915 Have you ever heard of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey?  I had a taste and it is very smooth with a nice honey background.  The Mountain Dew Throw Back with cane sugar instead of corn syrup is better than the original IMHO, but I’m not a fan of Mountain Dew in any version.  Put the two together and you get this odd colored drink….too sweet for me, but good.

Heinz and Angela are looking to be fulltime RVers in a few years and we continued talking to them about RVing, areas to visit and places online to look for used RVs like PPL Motorhomes in Houston and Pedata RV in Tucson.  It was a great evening with friends enjoying a lot of laughter and smiles!

Jim has his next (and hopefully last) doctor’s appointment Monday and if all goes well, we’ll leave town by noon. Hip – hip – hooray!!! We’ll be “on the road again” soon!!!

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. I routinely dine at my local hospital's cafe several times a week. The chef and staff there produce some of the most tastiest, filling and healthy meals I have ever had. Their meals have improved my blood test results remarkably and the price is remarkably affordable and digestible. Plus, I also see several folks there all the time and we have become friends who enjoy meeting at the cafeteria. I am glad you enjoyed your hospital cafe experience.


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