Friday, October 26, 2012

Visit with Friends

We’ve had a few occasions to visit with folks who have camped with us during the summer in South Fork. 

Ponder, TX (1)

Such was the case Wednesday when we went to visit Landi, Richard and son, Nathaniel.


Landi and I are always “needling” each other as she is a proud conservative Republican and I am a happy liberal Democrat. We enjoy egging each other on, I must say.

Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (1)

We drove to a fav restaurant of theirs called Ranchman’s Café in Ponder, TX. It is a small, macho-type place that serves lots of beef meals to predominately male customers.  Don’t get excited….I had a salad.  But look what the others ordered.

Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (5)Burger looked good
Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (6)
Chicken fried steak was huge
Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (4)
Daily special was roast pork with roasted carrots, spinach and potatoes.  Looked good.
Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (7)
Homemade coconut cream pie with a mile high meringue

This restaurant was frequented by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty during the making of the movie “Bonnie and Clyde” in the late 60’s.

Ponder Bank

In fact the local bank was used in the movie as well.




The interior of the Ranchman’s Café is filled with memorabilia about the movie, as well as signed photos of celebrities who have visited the restaurant like Richard Petty and John Wayne.

Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (2) Ranchmens Cafe, Ponder, TX (10)

We had a great time with Landi, Richard and Nathaniel and look forward to seeing them next summer in South Fork, Colorado.

Ponder, TX (2)

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. An extended family for sure and your smiles are a testament to it.


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