Tuesday, October 23, 2012

COE–Cartwright, OK

We arrived in this southeastern part of Oklahoma last Thursday. When I say we’re close to Texas I’m not blowing smoke cause the border line is about 2-3 miles south. Jim and Linda Mossman have been at Burns Run East COE Park on Lake Texoma before and it was a good meeting place.  We haven’t seen each other since April.

This is a beautiful Corp of Engineer (COE) park. Here is a recent sunset.


Although a large park, for the winter there are only 23 sites opened in the older part of the park.  It was pretty full when we arrived and we were lucky to find two spaces together. After the weekend it did clear out a lot.

The last couple of days it has been pretty hot with high humidity and, of course, our air conditioner wasn’t blowing out cool air.  Now, being that we spend our summers in the cool mountain air of south-central Colorado, we haven’t used it much. Since the area we are going to in Texas still is experiencing temps in the 90’s, we figured we best get it looked at.  Luckily Texoma RV Repair was about ten miles away and carry a stock of a/c in-house. Dig out the extended service contract just in case.

Imagine our surprise when Chris arrived on a motorcycle. What no mobile repair truck, no ladder, no visible tools?  What’s with this???

Texoma RV Repair

Chris did a bang up job!  When he went to take off the a/c vent in the ceiling, the whole housing came down.  Seems it wasn’t attached properly and had froze after we used it a bit. A lot of shiny silver tape later and we were in business.  Whissshh, no new a/c needed.  Chris says he repairs a lot of a/c out here at Lake Texoma and after a discussion on the phone initially, he brings the meters and supplies he needs in his cycle’s saddle bags.

We’d highly recommend Texoma RV Repair. Chris was mannerly and efficient in his repairs. Cost us $90 service call fee and $60 repair fee….much better than buying a new a/c.  We were pleased.  Plus he gave us a great recommendation for dinner in Denison, TX….Girasoles Mexican Food.  Yes, we went there.

I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a cleaner restaurant. You could just “feel” the clean. It was apparent in the restroom also and as you looked at the window sills, looked into the kitchen area it was spotless.  The menu was extensive and we all found something we liked.  Good experience. Thumbs up!!!

Cartwright, TX COE

Oh, you want to see what The Mossman’s look like now???  OK, here they are.  They look good, don’t they?  Sooooo, glad to see them again.

Girasoles,Denison,TX (5)

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. yaaa on the a/c fix. . .you will definitely be needing it!

    Iron Chef Michael Symon always says. . .check the restrooms. . .if they aren't clean, neither is the kitchen. . .glad you found a good one. . .

    Keep us posted when you get closer to South Texas.


  2. Great story m good to see the Mossmans pic , have fun in Texas. Sincerely Abel

  3. A few years back, when we were in Salome, AZ, our water heater had to be replaced. What to do.......out in the middle of seemingly nowhere, we went to the local hardware store for hopefully a recomendation. When the person drove up, my heart sunk to my shoes. I'm so glad first impressions aren't necessarily what it is. This person looked like they just crawled out of a hole, the vehicle was stuffed with junk and unkept, but my oh my! The work was excellent, the price was reasonable, and Sunday morning, this vehicle drove up, my husband asked if something was wrong.The repairman, said no, that they understood we were leaving Monday Morning early and wanted to make sure everything was working before we left!!! It has worked perfectly ever since. So thankful you didn't have to buy a new air conitioner. Happy Travels
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  4. Glad you were able to get the air-conditioner fixed and not have to get a new one. We had a wonderful time with you guys last week. Wish the visit could have been longer. Hugs!


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