Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

The second day in Amarillo after many friends’ recommendations, we drove to this state park.  Palo Duro has been called the Little Grand Canyon, and I can see that.  Palo Duro isn’t as long, deep or wide as Grand Canyon, but has all the majesty of it.


The views from the top when you come is magnificent



The road to the bottom is at a 10% grade…that is mighty steep, folks.

See the loop on the left going down further?
Steep turns
Going back up the steep road
Click the photo to enlarge; that white dot is an RV going up the grade.

There is a campground at the bottom of the canyon that is very pretty. Look at the vistas you would see camping here!

CIMG0995 CIMG0990

Here are some other additional photos for your enjoyment.

CIMG0970 CIMG1000
CIMG1004 CIMG0989
CIMG1005 CIMG1010

If you find yourself near Amarillo, do yourself a favor and go visit Palo Duro Canyon State Park. The $5 per person entry fee is a bargain for how this place is a feast for your eyes and feeds your soul.

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  1. Very pretty. Maybe we will make it up that way one day.

  2. This looks beautiful. Did they take the RV's down the 10% grade though?
    Sharon Chapman

  3. 10% grade, while unusual, is not frightening if you have the right equipment. I have been watching the RV industry for 12 years and I am firmly convinced that 70% of RV's are overweight. The time will come when RV rigs of every kind will be required to go through weigh stations.

  4. Very nice looking place. Is there a length restriction for rv's?

  5. We did not take our RV down to the bottom....we were camped at the Elks Club in town. And, Pam, I didn't see any signs about RV length restrictions. And, yes, there were RV's going up and down that 10% grade.

  6. Great place, they call it the Grand Canyon of Texas. We stayed there couple years ago. Just wondering if the longhorn cattle a still roaming around the gate at the top?

    1. No, we didn't see any roaming cattle there. Place was pretty quiet altogether.

  7. Replies
    1. No, didn't see any streams per se. There were some low places in the road at the bottom with a lot of signs saying not to cross if flooded. They had signs showing the depth of any standing water...from one to five FEET! Eeee gogs, can't image five feet of water in some of those places.

  8. Looks like a beautiful place! Will definitely have to add it to our list of places that we need to visit!!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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