Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eisenhower’s Birthplace–Denison, Texas

We are parked at a COE campground in Cartwright, OK, about 2-3 miles from the Texas border.

The other day we drove to the next town south to Denison, TX.  While looking around we saw signs directing us to Eisenhower’s birthplace, so we thought we’d take a look.

The house was rented by Eisenhower’s parents and they left Denison when he was 18 months old.

Eisenhower House,Denison,TX (3)

On the left of the house is a little garden with a large statue of Eisenhower as a soldier.

Eisenhower House,Denison,TX (1)

We didn’t tour the house but enjoyed the free museum with photos of Eisenhower throughout his career.  The museum is located in a period house and the light filtering through the Camellia vines on the porch was stunning.

Eisenhower House,Denison,TX (2)

We’ve enjoyed our stay on Lake Texoma…quiet….peacefully….just what we needed.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Bobbie -- Is everything OK? Your blog just popped up on my screen when I was looking at Facebook. Maybe I bumped something -- but just checking. Thinking of you. When do you start guarding your gate? Lovies, Nora

  2. butterbean carpenterOctober 24, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    Howdy B&J,
    The Mossmans look HAPPY; is that because they're not traveling with y'all, through ALL of the REPAIR places like last year?? I thought Jim's back was doing better; he sure is sitting sidewize in that pic.. Of course, your smile is 'lighting' up the whole place!!!
    Y'all are welcome to stop by the RunningStar Ranch and 'set a spell' on your way to the GATES!!
    Remember, Y'all are too, also!!!


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