Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New year - 2010

Had to post on the first day of the new year, didn't I? Have to start off the year with the best good intentions, right?

We've enjoyed our stay in Deming - ate at Palma's Italian Grill and Si, Senor - both still wonderful. Went to St. Clair winery and bought an interesting bottle of wine for the wine tasting at Boomerville in Quartzsite and of course, refilled my half-gallon jug with custom blend red wine. Funny, went from 60 to 40 dry to sweet wine to 80 to 20 dry to sweet wine. Maybe I've just gotten so sweet over the last year that I don't need that much from the outside! ha-ha

Well, we are off to Huachuca City near Bisbee, AZ , today and hopefully in time to visit with Laurie and Odeal before they take off Sunday.

I want to walk the streets of Bisbee and enjoy the shops. So off we go, Jim is telling me to go get with it as he is breaking down stuff outside.

Remember, you are loved....see you in Huachuca City!


  1. Happy New Year you two. Sweet? Your too sweet already :) Got to love ya.
    Am looking forward to your next post. Say hi to Laurie and Odel for us. I have been following their blog and just love it.


  2. I love that area, I was stationed at Ft Huachuca back when I was in the army, and we have a son stationed there now.

    Have FUN and ENJOY

  3. Drive safe and wishing you and Jim a wonderful and healthy New Year. Love and miss you both !

  4. Enjoy ! We leave in a day or so , for the South Texas gulf coast.
    harm & bett

  5. Ooooh! You're getting closer!! Bet you'll have a great time in Bisbee and with Laurie and Odel. Travel safe and we'll see you soon!


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