Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friendships Renewed

Last night we got a call from our FIRST rv friends, Mike and Niki Brundin. They had just arrived in Quartzsite and wanted to see us. Their coming to Quartzsite this year was a big reason we decided to come here also. We really, really wanted to see them again.

Niki and Mike want to meet us for dinner at Taco Mio. It was a great reunion of friends and great food.

They were the camphosts at Upper Beaver back in the summer of 2006 and we were still working and spent our weekends with them camping. Conversations came around to defining "fulltime rving" to us as we had never heard of it before. Then we asked the USUAL first question "how do you get your mail?" then "how do you.......?" to a million other questions we had. They even opened up their budget to us so we can see how it is possible for even a normal, blue collar working couple to become fulltime rvers.

Niki patiently answered all my questions and Mike showed us all the "stuff" we would need to boondock like blue boys, water pumps to pump out the "bladder" of water, the best levelers, wheel chocks, etc.

This went on all summer, every weekend. By being there for us and answering all our sometime lame questions, Niki and Mike were responsible for our becoming fulltime rvers!!!!! Thank you again, Mike and Niki for all you have done for us. We will be FOREVER indebted to you for this wonderful gift of the fulltime rv lifestyle!!!

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