Wednesday, January 20, 2010

RV Day/Night Shades

We lucked out and got a hold of a good RV day/night shade repair person here in Quartzsite.  CIMG3509Rich and Chris Ryan came out and fixed two of our four foot and one five foot shades for $120.  It only took them about an hour - believe it or not.  They did a beautiful job taking down the valances and side things.  Then they took the shades outside and restrung them with parachute nylon cord right on the bed of their truck.



Lesle had two of her shades done and a couple of other rvers got their shades restrung also.  Boy, do the shades move up and down easier now!  What a difference.   We did learn, though, that you are suppose to move the day shade first and then the night shade, and not move them both together as I have been doing.

CIMG3506We also got to see one of our camphost yesterday.  Phil Argus came and spent the night with us here and then left this morning. Phil work at Park Creek last year and this summer will be an Area Manager in California.  He is a great person and we enjoyed working with him. We wish him well in his next assignment.

Last night we experienced the worse wind storm ever.  It rivaled the wind storm we experienced with Mike and Sandy Bubar at Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument near Flagstaff, AZ back in the spring of 2008. Tonight it is going to be a bit mild, but tomorrow and Friday we are suppose to be hammered hard with wind and rain.  They said to expect wind gusts of 50-60 MPH.  So we are picking up all the outside stuff and parking the truck to help buffer the winds.  got hot dogs and beer OK salsa and brandy and we’ll be all set.

We met with the reps from to hear what they are proposing for next year’s peak season – being that they are not using temp agencies any more and are hiring us directly from now on.  We’ll write about that tomorrow.

Remember, you are loved!


  1. Cutting the temps should be more $$ for the workers. You all be safe out there.....

  2. Can you send the the information on how to get a hold of the people who repair the shades? A few of mine have broken strings.

  3. Anonymous - wish you had sent me an email so I knew how to contact you...but here is the information. Rich and Christ Ryan, or 714.916.1702

  4. Do you repait blinds as far west as Indio, Ca?

  5. We aren't the people doing the shade repair those people are Rich and Chris Ryan. There contact info is just above your comment. They repaired our shades in Quartzsite, AZ and usually are in that area in January-February for the big RV show. Call them and see if they are working around California.

  6. This is Rich and Chris. Our correct email is We still repair day/night shades. But travel quite a bit. You can contact us at 714-887-3953

  7. We are Rich and Chris. We still repair Day/Night shades. Though we travel quite a bit. You can contact us at for information or an appointment. Thanks!


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