Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boomerville is almost over

I've been amiss in posting because I've been engrossed in reading Dan Brown's book Lost Symbols. Boy is it a page turner!!!! Like all of his books, you can't put the darn thing down. The last of each chapter gives you a hook that entices you to want to read on to the next page. I started the 508 paged book three days ago and haven't even knitted a stitch nose is in that book all day. I sent Jim out on all kinds of trips just so I could read unimpeded!

Last night we had our last potluck and then sat around the fire and remembered Boomers who passed on this last year. It was a moving experience. There were only about 40 people there last night as many folks have left already and move left this morning.

We met for Donut Breakfast at 8:30am today and rummaged through the last bits of auction stuff before it went to the local thrift store. A couple of rigs pulled out while we were assembled and Jan Moore and I sang and mimed the "Goodnight" song from Sound of Music, complete with the ending high's fun to be silly at this age.

Tonight we have our last "official" happy hour here at Boomerville and then at 5 pm we will go invade Silly Al's Restaurant and about 20 of us will enjoy great pizza and camaraderie, and probably a couple of pitchers of beer!

Jim is out getting water right now in the bladder and we will start breaking down for our departure tomorrow morning. We are going to move over to Plomosa Road for a few days and visit with our friends Niki and Mike.

Hopefully I can finish the book and rest up a bit. Boomerville is so much fun but something is going on all the time and you are go, go, go all day long. After two weeks we need a little of peace and quiet to regroup.

Remember, you are loved.

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