Saturday, January 30, 2010

Last camp fire in Boomerville

Jim went down to see Terry Webb to see if he needed help installing the Kozy World brick heater he bought.  Terry said “you having happy hour today?”  Vicki said “You are still the co-host!”  So we had happy hour in front of our rig with Terry, Vicki, Bill, Lesle and Jim and I.  It was fun!

The sunset was magnificent last night. Notice the faint silhouettes of the rvs at the bottom. CIMG3560 After having a great steak dinner with Bill and Lesle the boys decided we needed one more camp fire. I really like this photo with the lights of Quartzsite in the background.

CIMG3563 Lesle brought out the marshmallows and Bill poured a special brandy (E J XO Vintage Release-marvelously smooth).


This morning we drive to Parker.  We part with Bill and Lesle for a month or so, as they go to Tucson in preparation to join the Escapee’s Mexican Connection and travel to Mexico for a couple of weeks.  We’ll catch up with them in Yuma at the Gypsy Journal Rally.  Remember, you are loved!

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