Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quartzsite-Second Week

Up there in the banner is a photo of Boomerville several day after opening. It was taken by Tom Doerr from his ultralight parachute. See him up there in this photo. He goes up every morning and takes a photo of Boomerville.  Pretty neat. There are now 115 rigs that have come in; several have left, but we are CIMG3483keeping a running total of rigs arriving.

We have had a great time meeting all the people whose BBB entries we have read through the years, but never met.  We’ve reconnected with others.  Yesterday we went back to the American Land and Leisure booth to interview prospective camphosts and saw Rita and Jerry who worked in amazon.com with us.

Lesle and I sucked it up and went to Bells for their Monday Senior Discount Day.  Lines were very long, but the selection was great and I bought two pairs of capris for the warm weather we are experiencing here.  “Back in my day” we called them pedal-pushers, remember?

Last week Jan Moore invited several of us ladies over to her rig to learn Facebook and Windows Live Writer. 

I found out Facebook could take over your life if you let it.  You see your friends, and then friends of your friends and you start “writing on their Wall” and get answers back from friends of friends of friends…oh, my it can be very time consuming.

But I do like Live Writer, especially being able to compose a blog post while offline and then just publish it and it goes right into your blog.  Plus you can do some really cool things with the photos, tables to put photos and descriptions in, and albums are a lot easier to create than in Picasa.

Gretchen and Bob Mattison, Boomerville hosts, are making pancakes a couple of times a week out here.

CIMG3485 CIMG3487 The best part of the breakfast is the syrup is warm!  Yesterday they made blueberry pancakes – yummoooo!

We had our first potluck Sunday with a brunch.  Oh, my what wonderful dishes from potatoes O’Brien to quiche to spaghetti. The normal large circle around the campfire became many smaller more intimate circles of friends to eat.  It was very nice.


After brunch several truckloads of folks took off for the Desert Bar outside of Parker, AZ, and five miles inland on dirt roads that you think are going to nowhere.  Then all of a sudden there is this oasis of activity at an old mine that was converted to a bar. They are only  opened on Saturday and Sundays from noon to 5pm because they only have solar which is used for refrigeration of food and sound system for the live bands.  This weekend there seemed to be more “seniors” than when we were here two years ago. Click on “view full album” to see all the photos.

Going passed Parker we saw this really neat grove of palm trees.CIMG3504

Well, now I need to “publish” this Live Writer posting and hope it goes into blogspot ok.  Remember you are loved.  OK….hold on…pick up your feet…here goes.


  1. Ah success! You did it. You will have to tell me about live writer. Sounds fasinating! That is quite the shot from the air. Where is your rig in all of that?

  2. Great report, good photos ! Makes us wish we were there also, instead of languishing down on the border in the Rio Grande River Valley. Lunched over in Mexico today. We look forward to seeing you guys up in the Rockies !

  3. I like the blog, Bobbie. It's been a fun Boomerville so far, hasn't it?


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