Monday, January 11, 2010

My Bad (is that how you spell it?)

Okay already! Stop all the emails asking if I'm sick or what's going on because I haven't posted on this blog for a week or so.

My bad - that's all!!! I got behind after visiting Bisbee, AZ and then I procrastinate because I feel I can't tell you about something that happened after Bisbee because I haven't posted photos and stuff about Bisbee yet.

It's a vicious circle, for sure.

We were in Huachuca, AZ, visited Bisbee, AZ, moved to Snyder Hill at San Joaquin and Ajo Way south of Tucson and are now in Queen Valley, AZ, visiting with our friends Dave and Marie Dengate. We leave this morning and catch up with Bill and Lesle and drive together into Quartzsite to Boomerville.

Will this hold you until I have a piece of time to post photos of Bisbee, Snyder Hill and Queen Valley before telling you about Quartzsite???????

OKay then ============ remember you are loved.


  1. Bobbie, sometimes you just have to skip stuff and move on! :) Once you get to Q, you'll have all new happenings to write about. Glad to know you are fine. BTW, our cat (the reason we didn't get to meet you in Bisbee) is sick again... we had to drive right past Deming (and our mail) yesterday to get to Las Cruces, where we are now set up for a week. We'll go back for the mail (and wine tasting) in the jeep. Sheesh.

  2. Hi bobbi and Jim.

    We should have gone West instead of East!! It is so cold here in Florida..

    We had the good luck to be parked next to Marvin and Georgina at Bettys Rv in Abbeville,what an absolutely wonderful couple.

    Hope all is good for you,and wish you safe travels. We are going over to the Tampa RV show on Thursday to meet up with a group of readers of RV Dreams... met them in Branson couple of years ago,a truly neat couple who do a lot of good.

    Hope to meet you again sometime.

    Maryann and Bill


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