Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shea Road-Parker, AZ

We made it to the site of the Parker 425 off road race.  We back in and are right on the rim overlooking the race field.  Should be noisy and dusty come next Saturday.

Sunset was spectacular last night and this morning’s sunrise was great.  It’s soooooooooo quiet out here and very peaceful. I’ll get photos for tomorrow’s posting.

Oh, here is a photo of a couple of baby hats and booties I knitted for Amity, our great-granddaughter.  She’s two months old now.  Thank you Paula for the bootie pattern…it is fast and simple. CIMG3552

Wanted to point out a website I saw on Nick Russell’s blog this morning.  It’s where you get to have free overnight parking at wineries, farms and orchards. You can check out their products, pick produce, taste wine and be close to nature. Right now they have areas in Oregon, Washington and California, but plan on being in all the lower 48 states.  They are modeling themselves after similar networks in Europe.  Check them out; I like the idea; sure beats a Wally parking lot!

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