Saturday, January 23, 2010

Colorado Boomerang Reunion

Yesterday we had a reunion of the 2008 Colorado Boomerang attendees.  There were six couples who traveled together for about a month after the 2008 Colorado Boomerang. After the Boomerang in Buena Vista we went to Trout Creek, Lake DeWeiss in Westcliffe and then campground at Great Sand Dunes National Park, where Odel and Laurie joined us. Out of those six couples four couples are here at Quartzsite at Boomerville.

CIMG3518After happy hour Nancy and Chuck, Marie and Dave, Jan and Chuck  and Jim and I gathered in our rig for a little get together.  Nancy brought some liqueurs she got in Mexico that were mighty tasty and we had happy hour left over snacks to enjoy.


When we were in boondocking together at Trout Creek (outside of Buena Vista) we got silly for some reason (like we have to have a reason) and started doing the can-can.











So last night we reenacting the can-can line.






Then the boys had to get together again, but we couldn’t convince them
to do the can-can.




So all we were missing were Rich and Terry and Lee and Edie for the whole gang being together. We had a good time remembering that 2008 summer together and sharing what we have done and where we have been since.

Good times and great friends spending time together…..nothing better!!!  Remember, you are loved.

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