Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

I wanted to show you the road over La Veta Pass that we had to climb to get to Alamosa. This was just before the bad storm that hit the midwest so severely.Christmas Eve's Mexican Fiesta was a smashing success!! Sommer made homemade refried beans and wonderful pasole; Don brought tamales from a little market in Pueblo; Ron made green chile, beef tacos and cooked up some interesting catfish fish tacos. I'd never had fish tacos before and I was pleasantly surprised. Ron made a citrus salsa to go with it and it was a wonderful blend. Jim made our kielbasa snack with a sauce made from half and half apple jelly and yellow mustard. It sounds gross, but it actually makes a nice sweet and sour sauce. It was a hit and enjoyed. There were 12 of us and it was a grand time had by all. The brothers always serve up a super meal for Christmas Eve.

After we made up the kielbasa at Don's we put the extra kielbasa in a plastic bag and put it along with the extra mustard and jelly to take to Ron's in case we needed to add more. Well, when Jim brought in the bag to the motel there wasn't any kielbasa. Jim went back to the truck and sure enough the storage bag had been torn up and there wasn't any kielbasa to be found :) Poncho and Chorizo had a nice Christmas meal for themselves!!!

Christmas Day had us going over to Ron and Cindy's for breakfast. As we were driving back to the motel this is the scene we saw driving down the main drag.....deer feasting on someone's lawn.
In the evening Don had us over for a turkey dinner he made so he could have leftovers. It was so delicious and nice to actually eat a real roasted turkey. At Thanksgiving we went out to a restaurant for our meal and they served a rolled turkey; just not the same taste. When we get to Deming I'm going to make a full turkey dinner complete with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and a pumpkin pie. I like those leftover turkey for sandwiches!

Yesterday we drove to Santa Fe from Alamosa and none too soon. It was extremely cold in Alamosa this year with temps at MINUS 13 with wind chill temps at MINUS 20-25!!!!!!!!!!!! We forgot about turning down the refrigerator and we had frozen milk, yogurt and beer. We found some pretty ugly black banannas and pears I forgot to take with us. And there was a little water left in the toilet that froze solid. We're not taking any water on board and have emptied and put antifreeze in all our holding tanks. We flush the toilet with windshielf wiper fluid as it has antifreeze in it. Here's Jim setting up the rig in Santa Fe --- please notice the snow.
We finally were able to personally see and hold our new great-granddaughter, Amity. That's mom, April, grandson, Maxx, and our adorable Amity, our great-granddaughter. Amity and I have the same haircut!


We also was able to spend a little time with our daughters and granddaughter. Christine was pulling a double shift at PC's Restaurant and Beth had to work that night and had just woken up...but we did get a little time together. We just couldn't spend too much time here as it is extremely cold being about 5-8 degrees and although our rig is a four-season model it isn't comfortable as the furnace and electric heater are constantly going to keep us warm.

So I need to close and get this rig on the road towards Deming and the Dream Catcher SKP Park. Bill and Lesle will join us Monday.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Chrismas with family. Also sounds like the puppies had a good time as well. Stay safe and warm. Loved the pictures.

  2. Glad ya'll had a safe trip. We left tues, stayed in Little Rock until Saturday, then traveled to Louisiana yesterday. Partied with Bill and Maryann last night, we had turkey gumbo. 3 piece band coming in on New Years!
    Have fun,
    Georgi and Marv


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