Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Garden City, Kansas

Bill and Lesle had chiropractor appointments early Monday, so we didn't get out of Independence till about 10:30 am; drove through Dodge City and although it looks like an interesting place to explore, but the SMELL!!! Too many cattle feed lots and the odor permeates the air. How do people ever get use to that?

We drove on up the road, taking Hwy 54/400, and arrived in Garden City, Kansas about 5:30 pm. We stayed at RJ's RV Park which is opened all year round and for $23 with Good Sam's discount. We found the local Golden Corral and enjoyed a good meal.

By then it was 7:30 - 8:00 pm and we were all tired from the long day of traveling....after not moving for two months we have to get back into our traveling mode. So I checked several weather websites and the snow will get us tonight, but hopefully we make it to Alamosa before 6 pm when it is expected.

OK, it's 8 am so we are off. Wish us luck....remember you are loved.

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