Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Road Trip to Goodyear and Others

We’ve been sticking pretty close to the condo the last few days because of the heat.  But yesterday we were getting a little restless and decided to take a road trip somewhere…we decided to go south.  Wanting to see the countryside we chose not to take the interstate and just drove the back roads.

We were surprised to see fields and fields of flowers! Who knew they grew flowers in the desert of Arizona.  I wonder how those are harvested being so fragile?  Soon we found ourselves in Avondale…pretty busy town with all the box stores.  Saw a sign that an Angry Crab restaurant was coming soon to a former Egg and Me, so I looked up Angry Crab and will definitely be checking that out this fall.  Angry Crab had great reviews on Yelp and we love seafood.

Next up was Goodyear.  There was a lots and lots of housing communities…and then I remembered that had a fulfillment center in Goodyear.  But first we saw a distribution center for Macy’s and then another distribution center for Walmart….very big.  Finally we saw five huge buildings close together and then saw the sign for  That is definitely a big operation.

A little further down the road we came to Buckeye.  This is another up and coming town along side I-10, with some interesting shops.

Having been gone three hours we decided to take the interstate back to Sun City.  Got on I-10 and saw the sign that there was a Firehouse Sub at the next exit…off we went. 

We’ve only been to one Firehouse Sub before and that was in Foley, Alabama, recommended by fellow RVers, and really enjoyed it, so we didn’t want to miss a chance to eat there again.  It was founded by actual firefighters and each restaurant’s interior d├ęcor is the turnout gear, retired equipment and photographs of the local fire department….in this case, it was of the Buckeye Fire Department. 

The food was very good (I like hot subs) and enjoyed chatting with the manager as he made the rounds of the tables talking with customers.  I think there is a Firehouse Sub in Peoria which is closer to us and we plan to eat there again.

Later back home Jim barbecued some chicken hide quarters, but being still full from lunch, we just picked at it.  We’ll probably eat it tonight.  Seems like we can only eat one big meal a day.  If we go out for lunch there’s no dinner that night.  If we have a big breakfast we usually skip lunch and eat a small dinner.  Must be an “older person” thing…many of our friends only eat one real meal a day.  I’m working towards eating our big meal at lunch. 

That was our fun day, what did you do yesterday?

Remember, you are loved.

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