Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lazy Days

That’s what we’ve been experiencing the last few days.  I went to my Thursday and Friday knitting groups.  I’ve come home and had lunch, took a nap, watched some TV then it’s time to cook dinner, more TV and then bed.

Real exciting, right?

Jim usually does all the grocery shopping and he does a good portion of the cooking also…usually breakfast and grilling dinner….I do the rest.

Here’s last night’s dinner….tacos


Jim made breakfast this morning for me…asparagus and mushroom with eggs, hash browns and raisin toast….so good!


Then tonight I used the leftover hamburger from yesterday and made taco salad for dinner tonight.  This is my favorite meal….love taco salad!


I need to get involved in more activities.  It’s pathetic that I have to make a blog post of my homemade meals.

OK, what should it be silversmith, lapidary, stain glass, calligraphy, pottery, clay works, weaving, painting, etc.  We have decided to go swimming a few times a week, I even bought swim shoes…we’ll see.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Replies
    1. Don't want to get into tumbling rocks....may think about cutting cabs and polishing and mounting though. Thanks for the suggestion

  2. We love asparagus, mushrooms and eggs. Never put it all together though. Do you saute the vegetables first or just scramble them all together? Looks delicious!

    1. Hi there, the mushrooms were leftover sauteed ones from another meal and the asparagus were steamed from yet another meal. I often add eggs to whatever veggies I have on hand, just to hold everything together. Kind of like Chinese's egg foo yung of vegetables and eggs. Thanks for the comment.


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