Friday, April 24, 2015

An Evening of Downton

Our friends, Diane and Jim, belong to Next Gen club which is a social club that go together to various activities such as bowling, golf, eating out, a night of games, happy hours, attend museum events or go sightseeing to name a few things.  Although operated by membership under 67, they welcome “affiliates” for the 67+ population of Sun City.

Next Gen hosted an a night to Experience Downton and Diane asked if I’d like to go with her. DSCN5507 I am a huge Downton Abbey fan so of course I said yes.  The evening came complete with a tea.  We were asked to bring a tea cup to truly appreciate the tea…much better than tea in a styrofoam cup. When we arrived this was the beautiful table that greeted us…white gloves, tea cups and all…..


There was a media presentation showing You Tube summarized clips of the five seasons, plus a “test” to see how much we all know about the series…we got them all….we’re fans after all.

After the media presentation we were served Earl Grey tea and a proper tea plate of petite cake, nuts, chocolate and huge strawberries with whipped cream.


It was a wonderful evening that I thoroughly enjoyed. Jim and I are thinking to joining Next Gen ourselves.  We like the idea of a group doing different activities together that meet more than just once or twice a month.  We’ll see….

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wow! Such fun. I'm a big Downton fan also. Sounds like you and Diane hit the Jack Pot with this event. Hugs, Jan


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