Monday, April 6, 2015

Jim Has a Spot

on the side of his head that hasn’t healed so he FINALLY went to see a dermatologist and they did a biopsy….yes, it came back cancerous. 

They also froze a few spot on the top of his head. Next step is the doctor’s office to call with a date for surgery….then we wait.  We figure we’ll be here till toward the end of the month for the surgery and a follow-up.

So the first thing after the doctor’s appointment was sending Jim out to get a wide-brimmed hat…doctor’s orders.  He went to Cabela’s and this is what he came home with….damn cute, don’t you agree?


We continue to live with unusual heat in Arizona.  Where it is usually in the low 80s, we have been dealing with mid-90s.  We haven’t had to put the a/c on very often, being able to stay cool with using just the ceiling fans. 

We’ve really enjoyed our winter here in west Arizona as it is the warmest winter we’ve experienced since we got on the road in 2007.  We especially like to have our morning coffee out on the patio.  It’s been delightful.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I'm glad Jim is taking care of business. That is nothing you want to delay. Nice hat.

  2. Nice hat! Having had skin cancer too many times to count, remember to wear sunscreen when driving. Its hard to remember because your not 'out' in the sun, Good luck


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