Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why Do You Write a Blog?

I’ve been asked that question a few times since I started writing this blog in September, 2008.  Yes, I wanted to keep our friends and family aware of our whereabouts, but also I wanted to have a way “to remember” where we’d been and what we saw for that time in the future when memories would be harder to recall.

Molly Pinner and Jan Moore are “to blame” for encouraging me and getting me started way back when.  Jan got me into using Window Live Writer to compose my blogs and it is a lot easier to use than Blogger, per se.

The following email I received is one big reason I continue to blog….to encourage and assist other folks to join us on the road and to become fulltime RVers.  I’m quoting this email with permission.

Bobbie:  sorry I am emailing you instead of posting comment.  Couldn't figure out how.  Any how...remember Mr. Rogers?  His song "won't you be my neighbor?"  After reading your blog from the beginning that is how I am feeling about you.  You have so much fun.  You care so much about your friends.  From your writing you seem to just enjoy life.  That’s why "won't you be my neighbor?"  Your story telling is amazing.   It is your fault I haven't accomplished much in the last few days.  All I've done is read.  I cried with you when Naomi and Lory died.  Your sharing made me feel like I knew them just a little bit.  I danced at Bettys mardi gras party with everyone.  I could taste some of the food.I see on your map you haven't been to Michigan.  If you ever get up here let me know.  I live about two hours north of Goshen, IN.  If fact I went to college there. I found your blog while looking up gate guarding jobs.  My goal/dream is to full time but it will be about four more years as we still have 6 kids at home.  Sorry, I am rambling now.  Thanks for allowing others to "travel" with you. Nora E.

Isn’t that just the nicest comment?  Yes, Nora sure did “make my day” with her comments.  I had a smile plastered on my face all day long.

Still smiling……remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE


  1. Well I'de say Nora got it right. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. It's always a fun trip.

  2. Hi Bobbie... loved reading about why you blog, and I so identify with it all. Nora's comments were great... kind of sums it up, and the staying connected is so important. Though you are not "to blame" for our blog, you are certainly a big part of the inspiration as we had enjoyed following along with you and Jim before we went on the road. And, I am most grateful for all the help you gave me just over a year ago as we got our blog started. It is a great way for those we know and love to read about things we do and where we are, if they like, and we enjoy following along with many others. And, for those who "really want to know," they can just click on the blog for updates regularly without wondering about our whereabouts if I don't email often. These connections and a record of our travels matter greatly to us! Hugs to you both from us! D & T

  3. I blog for the same reasons as you Bobbie. . .but mostly as my Travel Journal. . .and now that I've learned how to add albums to each blog post I'm loving it even more. . .


  4. That comment is just precious! (And so well written; we may have a future
    Blogger there!) I share your reasons for Blogging. It's a wonderful snap
    shot of where we've been and who we were with along the way. But more than
    that it's the comments & support that we get along the way that mean so
    much. We're never alone out here on the road, are we? Hugs to you and Jim,


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