Sunday, May 4, 2014

Girl Day’s Out

I got Jim packed up and ready to go on his trip to move our eldest daughter to San Diego.  After saying “goodbye”, Salai picked me up and we started our day out together.

First stop was Blessed Brews in their new location over by H&R complex, next to City Market

DSCN3400 DSCN3398

It is basically a coffee shop but also have paninis and frappes.  They are keeping it small and it is very nice.  There isn’t a coffee place on this side of town, so it should do well.

Next we went to Alamosa Food-Coop for natural peanut butter, organic pears, dried hummus and flavored tempeh.  Sure do like their new location and expanded line of products.

From there we looked for sleeveless tee shirts for our youngest daughter, but no luck.  But Salai found a couple of blouses and two pairs of earrings.

Off to City Market for a some herbal teas….lunch.

Salai hadn’t been to Grill @ Cattails Golf so we went there.  They hadn’t added anything to the menu since Jim and I went there with Greg and Nina a couple weeks ago, so it was still pretty sparse.  We had Caesar salads and I asked if they could put some chicken on it.  Well they did …. all five small pieces each …. and added $6 to the bill for it….ugh!  There wasn’t one chicken breast between us.  Oh, well, won’t do that again.

The best part of being at the restaurant was giving Salai her birthday presents.  Both our birthdays are a day apart in July, but somewhere we got in the habit of exchanging birthday gifts when I return in April.  This year she gave me a gift certificate for a massage…and, oh, it was divine!!!

Today Salai got her gifts.  I usually gather a gift here and there along our travels during the winter.  So today she gout them all over lunch. She got socks, always earrings, soap, soap, and more soap, a coin purse and a ceramic box.  Just little things so she knows I thought of her all winter.

DSCN3403 DSCN3404

Afterwards, we walked around Treasure Alley, a very nice boutique with all sorts of jewelry, clothing and home decorations.  I bought a couple of new nose rings and Salai found a pair of earrings she couldn’t live without.

Next came out checking out another new business in town, Treasures, a new and used furniture store where previously there was a bar…good change over. Salai was looking for a medicine chest but didn’t find it.

By then it was 3:30 and I was pooped…we’d been walking around stores for 5 1/3 hours….yes, that extra 1/3 of an hour was important to point out.  I’ve been told by my doc that I HAVE TO start walking for exercise.  So I think I got my quota yesterday and I wanted to explicitly point it out in case she is also reading my blog.

I barely moved during the evening.  Jim was gone, I made chicken tenders and avocado for dinner and walked the dog a couple of times and went to bed early to read more of Debbie Macomber’s “Blossom Street Brides”, the latest addition to her Blossom Street series.  I really enjoy her writings.

Well, I had a full day….what did you do?

Remember, you are loved.

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