Monday, May 19, 2014

Beaver Creek Reservoir and Pizza

We decided to stay another night at South Fork Campground and after a lunch of the leftover ribs and bidding Heinz and Angela goodbye, we took Rich and Terri up to see Beaver Creek Reservoir.

I know many of my blog readers have camped with us in South Fork through the years, so am familiar with Beaver Creek Reservoir.  As you know they found a leak in the earthen dam up there a few years ago and this year they started the repairs….looks like they are going to create a whole new dam behind this one and take the current one down.  There is only a trickle amount of water left in the bottom of the reservoir except at the base of the dam where it is pooled up.  The reservoir sure is a lot deeper than any of us realized.  Click on any photo to enlarge the view.

That black area to the right looks like the back of the new dam up against the mountain side
A closer look
DSCN3474 DSCN3476
All the heavy equipment looks real small in this photo.
These are all looking south
DSCN3478 DSCN3479
See the boat
Somehow this boat sank years ago with the motor intact
DSCN3481 DSCN3484
This is looking back towards the North.You can see the boat ramp in the middle right side of the photo

Later on we all drove to Del Norte and enjoyed dining on pizza at Three Barrel Brewery. 



Rich and Terri did a sampling of the beers they offer and we enjoyed almost all of them.




The place is very small, only holding 22 people but we were lucky to find a table right in front of the glassed in brew room.

DSCN3487       DSCN3486

The pizza and calzones were very good and inexpensive.  Love pizza cooked in a wood burning oven.

DSCN3488 DSCN3491
DSCN3489 DSCN3495

We’re looking forward to the opening of their new location on the main drag sometime this summer….and their offering of the summer beers.

DSCN3492      DSCN3496

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Thanks for the photos of Beaver. That is awesome to see pics. We have fished there for so many years. I miss being in the area and hope to get back but until then, photos help. We always sat on the dam and caught our limits almost every time. Great memories.

  2. Jim and I are getting things in order here at home so we can head towards South Fork. Should be there by July 1. Look forward to eating pizza at the brewery. Debbie

  3. Ahhh, Debbie, we are so excited about seeing you guys. Ann and Tom Troy are also coming up to Creede. We could certainly have enough to have a meeting of the Colorado chapter of Betty's RV Park!!!


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