Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fish and Ribs

What a perfect day we had yesterday….temps in the high 60s, clear skies, slight breeze, birds singing….ah, yes…

Jim took off early to go get his “out of state” fishing license (that still galls him being a native Coloradoan, but we’re now domiciled in South Dakota). They just recently opened up the road to Big Meadows and he wanted to get some of those winter-cold trout up there. I sat outside under the trees at the park and knitted with Poncho laying beside me. I put on the Sincerely Sinatra radio station on the Sirius satellite radio and I was in seventh heaven…it was a tranquil scene to be sure.

Jim came home about 11 a.m. with his limit of four trout and said he even put back three. Fishing is good!!!

DSCN3458       DSCN3459

Nothing better than fresh fish so I proposed we have them for lunch with the leftovers from the night before.


DSCN3461       DSCN3463

The afternoon was full with walks, naps and reading Joseph Flynn’s newest novel.  Jim took out the two racks of ribs and got them on the grill about 2:30.  Happy hour got started as Jim nursed the ribs along.

DSCN3465       DSCN3464

Finally it was dinner time and we made short order of the ribs.  Couldn’t believe that six of us only ate one rack of ribs though.  Sounds like we have lunch covered for today before we leave to Alamosa.

DSCN3466       DSCN3467

Terri make a wonderful chocolate layered dessert and I asked her if she’d make it for us, as it is my absolute favorite dessert.  Doesn’t it look good? It has a pecan, flour and butter baked crust with cream cheese, whipped cream and powdered sugar layer, then chocolate pudding and topped off with final layer of whipped cream!!!  It is so wonderful.

DSCN3468       DSCN3469

We continued till late in the evening listening to Rich tell his hilarious stories of using Gorilla Glue to put up tiles in the shower house and also his being attacked by chickens and emus while delivering propane this winter.  The guy tells a funny story.

I invited a bunch of you over to join us for ribs through Facebook, but no one seemed to be able to come in time for dinner.  That’s a shame as it was really very good.  Maybe next time….OK?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I enjoy channel 71, too. It takes me back to simpler times.

  2. Our Friday night was spent in a Rest Stop in western Kansas! We would have rather been with you and Jim and Rich and Terri! I remember sitting around a campfire with you guys in the summer of '08 telling stories and laughing until our sides ached! Rich is one good story teller! Remember our Can-can line? And then the guys did it, too? Such fun! Hugs, J&C

  3. That dessert definitely looks yummy!

    Karen and Steve
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