Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Book Club Meeting

At last month’s Book Babes Club meeting several of the ladies had questions about living fulltime in an RV and how in the world could we do it for seven years, etc.  So I invited everyone over to my home for the next meeting to see how we live.  Sadly, we had a major storm roaring through with snow and a couple of ladies didn’t want to be on the roads; another was out of town and another was sick. So there were only five of us but we had a very good discussion of this month’s book.

FYI the book we discussed was Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan. It’s about the survivors of a shipwreck and their life on a lifeboat for 21 days and all the drama that ensue during those days.  I didn’t particularly like the boat….too much drama and imagined insinuations.  But we did have a good discussion of perceived power, change in leadership, are men automatically believed to be better leaders, are men or women more emotionally strong, why are women and children put in lifeboats first, who has more endurance or survival instincts.  Those were the questions so you know the discussions were interesting.

DSCN3428     DSCN3426

I served Pecan Pineapple Bites using nuts as a base with cream cheese and crushed pineapple mixed on top in mini cupcake liners.  I also had chocolate coated almonds and green tea with honey. 


Sweet Jim had to make himself scarce during book club meeting, and since we don’t have a traditional house, he couldn’t just go to another room, so he took himself out to dinner at Chili’s and then walked around Walmart for an hour till I called him with the “all clear”.  He is such a good guy!!!

This morning I woke up to Jim’s traditional “snow news” announcement…”Don’t look outside, Ethel”.  I don’t know where we came up with that statement, but we’ve used it for a long time….certainly have used it a lot this SPRING.

We texted Rich and Terri Deacon up in South Fork and they said they got 18 inches of snow up there last night!!! Will this winter ever end?  There was a cute cartoon on Facebook yesterday that said “I would have enjoyed spring more if I knew it was going to last for only 3 days”….that’s kind of what we’ve been experiencing the last month.

Hoping for sunshine and warmer weather and knowing…. You are Loved.


  1. Remember that song about the flasher... Don't look Ethel! I guess I'd rather see a flasher than snow, but really... can do without either ;-) Your bookclub conversationsounds interesting....

  2. Look up the song "the streak" now we know what Jim has on his mind!

  3. I was thinking of you guys when that storm was predicted.


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