Friday, May 2, 2014

Pizza, Pizza

In the morning I got ready to go walking and then I saw it was snowing….Jim said it was sleet….but to me anything white falling down from the sky is snow.  No, not walking in that.

I went to the library and continued to sort through local history files for possible digitization.  Nina was also volunteering there covering books.  Mary, another volunteer, was working inter-library loan files.  Volunteers help libraries so very much….there’s always meaningful work that needs to be done to help out a library.  Think about it.

Ever since we made our first visit to Three Barrel Brewing Company to have pizza, we’ve wanted to go back again, but we had picked their day off.

So last night we knew for sure they were opened, so we arranged with Heinz and Angela to go enjoy with us.


Three Barrel Brewing Company only serve a 10 inch pizza and last time Jim and I split one for lunch, but this time we were all hungry so we each ordered our own pizza.  This is a small place with enough tables and counter space for 22 people.  If you don’t get there early you have to wait as this is a very popular place.  We sat right in front of the window to the brewing room.  They have copper tanks right there brewing beer. I like the names of their brews…Bad Phil, Burnt Toast, Black Yak and Trashy Blonde…great.

Jim and Heinz had a “Bernie the Axe” that had sausage, Canadian bacon and pepperoni
I had the Blanca with roasted tomatoes, olives, onions with spinach
Angela had her’s with pepperoni

Oh, it was sooo good.  Their crust is thin but not like a cracker or “cardboardy”.  Their crust is tender and more like a good quality artesian crusty roll. I could just eat the crust dipped in sauce.

Right now Three Barrel Brewing Company is located on a side street next to the post office in Del Norte.  We went to see the new location they are developing on the main drag (where Gateway Motors was located) and it sure will be a larger building.  They are converting a gas station where the large service bays will be the brewing room and the gas station portion per se will be a larger restaurant to serve their pizza with several of the small wood-fired ovens.  They hope to be opened mid-June or July…..can’t wait.  We will be up in South Fork then camping and it will be a short 17 mile drive to have dinner there. 

As Angela drove us back to Alamosa we talked of when we could get together at national forest campgrounds in South Fork a few times this summer.  It’s fun to go with other people. 

Well, that’s it from me today…..remember, you are loved.

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  1. We will have to check this out! Thanks Bobbie! Ann


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