Sunday, May 25, 2014

Part 2-Memorial Day Weekend

Friday The Boys, Tim and Paulo, along with their pet, Chaps, drove up from Santa Fe for the weekend and parked with us in Park Creek.


Tim is Teddy and Roberta Abeyta’s son and we always have fun with him and Paulo during visits. Paulo brought us some coffee from Brazil that I will ration out.


Tim invited a couple of his friends, Chris and Clay, from Denver to come down for the weekend, so we had a nice dinner together, with Jim grilled burgers and brats.  Later we built a campfire and all enjoyed the serenity.



Saturday we went to Creede for their first festival of the season, Taste of Creede.  All the shops had street side samples of food.  There was a 2 p.m. Silver Chef competition with the restaurant chefs but we didn’t stay for that.  Most of the retailers were having 50% off sales and a lot of people were shopping hard.  There were many artists set up on the closed off street painting the beautiful Creede buildings, along with other artisans.

DSCN3511 DSCN3515
Photos of old Creede for sale
The building in Creede are so attractively painted.
Here’s a woman spinning
This lady was throwing a vase



I always have to take a photo of the Creede Hotel as one of Jim’s ancestors use to run it.



Then there is always the outdoor Doghouse that has an outdoor grill and makes wonderful tasting hot dogs and burgers.

DSCN3518       DSCN3519

We tasted some balsamic vinegars and a few of the olive oils at Creede Olive Oil Company and bought a couple of dip mixes and then went back to Park Creek Campground.

Later on The Boys made dinner and we contributed four more trout Jim caught Friday morning, and some grilled chicken thighs.  Tim and Paulo set up a very nice campsite with their “hotel” sized tent, canopy over the picnic table, and a separate “cook shack”….just like Teddy and Roberta always do.  He had three tables, a grill, a cook stove stand and a disc where he cooked cicharones….called cracklings in Louisiana.

DSCN3523       DSCN3524

Look at that plate of mine with fish, chicken, Paulo’s black beans and Tim’s calivasitas (sp?) Mexican squash with onions, corn and cheese…wonderful!

DSCN3527    DSCN3525

We enjoyed the dinner and the company even more.  The Boys were interested in our stay in Louisiana and then we all started talking of everyone’s different travels. It was a wonderful day.  Soon it got very cold and I went home, but not before Tim had to wrap up Chaps in a towel to keep warm.


That’s most of our Memorial Day Weekend tale.  What did ya’ll do for the holiday?

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Life has certainly blessed You with all these Friends!


    1. We certainly are blessed. Fulltime RVing brought us more friends than we ever had in our "stick and brick" house. And the fun thing is, we see these RV friends year after year on the road. It's not unusual to pull into a RV park and know the person next to you, or even pull into a Flying J and be pumping fuel across from someone you know.

  2. Stayed home by myself and worked on taxes...I know...boring!

  3. Are you camp hosting in Colorado again this summer?

    1. No, not working this 72 this summer I wanted a rest.


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