Saturday, May 3, 2014

NestleToll House

Yesterday was the Grand Opening for the Nestle Toll House here in Alamosa, Colorado.  Salai and I got there at the official time of 4 p.m. but there was already a long line out the door. 


It was very apparent there wasn’t enough folks behind the counter.  There was a line for cookies and another line for the ice cream/frozen yogurt and drinks.  I did see one person with a dessert crepe and several with the coffee frappes and lattes.



Alas, the prices are very steep.  Five cookies about four inch across is $8.95.  We got two of those cookies and one small coffee for about $6.  Their wraps seem well priced at $6.99 and filled crepes for $5.99, but if there main focus is going to be the cookies…..well?????

Another issue is if they seem to be using a “corporate recipe” because our cookie was spread out and very crisp.  This is typically what happens up here at 7,500 feet elevation.  When I make mine I always have to put in more flour to make them “puff” a bit and become soft and not spread out.  Hopefully they are allowed to alter the official recipe to compensate for our high altitude here. 

And “Bunny” made an appearance and, of course, I had to have my picture taken with him.

DSCN3391       DSCN3394

A nice “plus” was a patio they created out of the side of the building, which is where we sat.  It sheltered you from the sun but you got a nice breeze being open like that.


Salai and I sat on the patio for about two hours “girl talking” and enjoying our cookie treat.

Then I went home and then Jim and I had dinner at El Charro.  Jim got his usual lettuce enchiladas with red sauce, bean and rice and I had my usual half a guacamole tostado smothered in green chili. 

This morning I got Jim packed up for his trip to Santa Fe where he will help our eldest daughter drive to San Diego where she is moving.  He’ll then fly back to Albuquerque next week and drive home.  It will be the longest we’ve been away from each other in years.

Well, with Jim taking off, I’m having a “Girl’s Day” with Salai going out for breakfast and then cruising the shops downtown and shop.  Tonight….maybe a movie….I want to see “Heaven is for Real”.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Love the new businesses! We will have to stop in! Safe travels to Jim. Ann

  2. Where is the cookie place located, I couldn't tell exactly from the photo..I am so glad you are keeping track of the good eating places and posting them Thanks

    1. It's on Main and San Juan, across from Wall, Smith, Bateman and across from San Luis Valley Brewing Company. Good location.

  3. OMG
    Bobbie, I sure wish I had not seen this post. I had not heard of this new chain. With them and Baskin Robbins, I know now I will never lose another pound and I need to lose about 60. What a shame it is...


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