Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend-South Fork, CO

The national forest campgrounds opened yesterday so we drove back up to South Fork, Colorado and were able to get into site #11 at Park Creek Campground.  This is one of the campgrounds we camphosted in for six years….it was odd to be just a camper when we arrive and not “in charge”. 

It is very pretty amongst the trees and is one of only two we fit in with our 36 foot rig.

DSCN3500 DSCN3501

Here’s the view from inside the rig.

DSCN3498 DSCN3499

We referred to this site as “the beach front property” because the creek laps up to the edge of the site where it slopes down to the creek edge like an ocean to a shore.


We’d stopped in town to be gas for the generator and I bought a Blimpie’s Best sandwich for us to share, so we weren’t too hungry for dinner.  But along about eight we decided to cook hot dogs over the campfire. 


The Two Lindas had told me about the Applegate hot dogs being so good, organic, all beef so I bought some to try. Oh, were they wonderful.  Highly recommend them. If I’m  going to eat meat sometimes, this is the kind I’ll do…organic, natural, no hormones.

DSCN3502     DSCN3505


We haven’t used a generator since summer of 2012.  But I am enjoying not having the TV on.  I plug the Sirius satellite radio into a 750 watts inverter, dial in Serious Sinatra, get out my Kindle and I’m happy.

Tomorrow there is a Taste of Creede going on with most of the businesses up there offering a selection of food to munch on as you walk the street of this old mining town.  We’ve never been able to go before, so we will take in that activity and go up to where Jim’s mom and dad’s ashes are scattered and pay our respects.

What are you doing during this holiday?

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. Working on Taxes. Sounds like fun, huh! Once those are out of my hair I can move on to other things, like getting rid of junk!
    You look cold there Bobbie!

  2. A good campsite and near the creek, I too like to hear the water. Have a good time in Creede As you probably know sure and check for wood ticks this time of year especially on the dog. A few more days of cloudy and then it is suppose to clear.

  3. Our holiday weekend will be at Monahans Sandhills State Park and then we will finally move into New Mexico... I may have to email you for palces to stay in Colorado once our plans get more settled as to our route to Montana...


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