Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wintzell’s Oyster Bar-Mobile, Alabama

We left Fort Pickens Campground in Pensacola Beach, Florida, about 10 a.m. following a flood of locals who came for the holiday weekend.  The line at the dump station was long.


Charles and Sandy had been telling us about this restaurant and wanted us to try it out.  So we drove to Mobile, parked our rigs in a nearby Walmart parking lot and then piled into Sandy’s car and off we went.


The area and the interior of the restaurant is quirky.  The walls are covered with sayings.

DSCN1972       DSCN1976

The establishment is 75 years old and has an extensive menu and looks like the original oyster bar.  This guy shucked oysters the whole time we were there.

DSCN1974         DSCN1975  

The food was very good and I liked that they offer grilled selections and not only fried.

We started with crab soup. AMAZING! You could tell they used crab stock and cream.
Sandy had grilled bacon wrapped shrimp with okra
Here’s Jim’s Fried J.O. Platter Jr. with fish, shrimp and oysters with hush puppies
Here is my Grilled J.O. Platter, Jr. with the same seafood and a side of cheese grits.

After a two-hour lunch break we continued on to Davis Bayou Campground in Oceans Springs, Mississippi.  It is also part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore like Fort Pickens Campground in Pensacola Beach.

We were lucky to find one of the remaining sites.  We thought we wouldn’t have a problem because the locals would have already left, but seems a bunch of us Senior Pass folks are staying here and the choice of sites were meager.  We aren’t side by side with Charles and Sandy but a couple hundred feet away.

We got set up and enjoyed being able to sit outside with Charles and Sandy for the early evening until the chill of night forced us inside. There were a lot of clouds so the sunset was spectacular. This photo doesn’t do it justice.  We’ll be looking for a good spot for future sunsets.


Remember, all you folks out there…..you are loved.


  1. You keep on finding the unusual. Unusual here at Betty's-turkey fries-potluck tonight! You are heading back East! Yea!

  2. Food looks great... not sure I would do the oysters, but I could manage to eat some of that shrimp!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Great place ! Thanks. Miss you guys. Talked to Gary and Tom at the AL & L booth in the big tent at Quartzsite. They all said hi ! And we all agreed that we would be missing you guys this year.

  4. Sure wish we were able to travel along with you for real instead of by blog. You really do have a knack for discovering the best places, exactly the ones Jim and I would look for too. .I 'm not sure when we will ever get back on the road but I'm sure keeping your blogs as a list of places to go. Try to catch up with Bev Adams and Jim, while in Ocean Springs. That gal knows all the cool places to go wherever she is.

    1. Don't know Bev Adams and Jim or I'd call them as we are going to be here for two weeks.

  5. Jim looks so relaxed in the photo above. Can't wait to start our new life.


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