Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Leaving Betty’s and Exploring Gulf Breeze

I forgot to put up a couple of photos of our leaving Betty’s RV Park that I wanted to show you.



Here the gang gathers to say goodbye, which is a tradition at Betty’s.




This is the formal grouping
but I like this better…a little wacky.


We saw the skyline of Mobile, AL on the way
We saw the USS Alabama as we drove by

Saw the sign to Pensacola Beach

Had to go over TWO bridges….arggg!  Don’t like going over bridges….

Yesterday we woke up to 18* and it only got up to 39* as a high.  We don’t have many clothes for this type of cold weather, and RVs just aren’t built for staying comfortably in cold weather.

But we wanted to get out a little and explore the Gulf Breeze area that is close to Fort Pickens Campground.  We found the laundromat, post office and Publix grocery.  I like Publix…they have clean stores with lots of selections.  This one even had live lobsters for sale ($15/pound).  We picked up some groceries which we haven’t done in a while because at Betty’s we only ate lunch and then got filled on food brought for daily happy hours, so we never cooked dinner.

Although it was cold the scenery was magnificent.  Looking at these photos is very inviting and you’d never know that at the time I took these photos it was a freaking 25 degrees!!!!!!

The sand is call sugar white
The sand is soft and beautiful
So picturesque
The sand drifts across the road like snow

I made a big pot of clam chowder and had Charles over for dinner.  Today he is taking us to Peg Leg Pete’s for lunch, which will be very nice.  It has great reviews and I’m looking forward to going.

Outside of that we are staying close to home because of this Polar Vortex weather.  Need to go find some propane as we are running an electric heater and our Kozy World propane heater.  Can’t use our heat pump much as it is too cold and it kicks off at about 40*, so it’s not much use right now.  I am also putting together a slow cooker of pinto beans and ham for dinner tonight.  I’m keying in on serving soups, stews and “stick to your ribs” kind of foods to ward off the cold.  Glad Charles is here to help eat it up as I always make too much.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Wonderful Bobbie! Happy to keep up with you guys! Ann

  2. Beautiful Pictures Bobbie, I just may have to paint one. I love doing ocean and beach mini's. I'm so glad you have your little propane heater. It's suppose to be in the 60's here on Sunday. Maybe it will warm up that way as well. Stay warm! Mmmmmmm Ham and Beans sounds good right about now!

    1. Oh, I'd like a copy if you do paint one. Funny to have all that beautiful water and sand and you can't go out into them because it is so darn COLD. Suppose to warm up some from now on...hopefully we'll get to sit out on the sand.

  3. We spent a lot of time at Ft. Pickens recently and just love the snow (sand) drifts....almost got locked out one night. Peg Leg Pete's is very good.... A great Elks club there too if you are members!

    1. Happy to hear about the local Elks Club. Yes, we are members and saw they have a couple of meals a week. We will definitely go and visit. Thanks for the info.

  4. Great pictures...sure looks like a great place to check out. Your chowder sounds wonderful and just what is needed to kick this cold weather. We got into the 20's today so things are looking up ! :)..."S"

  5. You should stay long enough for Peg Leg Pete's "Oyster-fest"! It's a MUST!

    1. I think it is the first of March. Live music and oysters any way you could want them! - Scooter

    2. Well that's not going to work as we leave here on the 20th. Would have been nice.

  6. You don't know me but I found your blog by searching Google for Fort Pickens Campground. We were thinking of coming to that campground next week but we were concerned about bugs. We had read about a guy that had been down there about 3 weeks ago and the no-see-ums had eaten at them pretty bad.

    I know there has just been a huge cold snap down there so bugs would have to hidden.

    Do you guys know of any bug problems? (no-see-ums, sand fleas, or anything the like)

    1. When we got here on Sunday we noticed some no-see-ums or fleas, but we sat outside last night and didn't notice anything. It has been cold here since Sunday and only now getting warmer. We'll stay another week...hope you come by.


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