Thursday, January 9, 2014

Peg Leg Pete’s

Charles took us out to lunch here and it was very, very good.  Plus Peg Leg Pete’s is located close to the campground.

Restaurant overlooks the Gulf across the street
Life-sized statue outside the restaurant

Inside has a nautical theme as it is a seafood restaurant


Being Wednesday they had raw oysters for half price so we raw oysters and a little boiled shrimp as appetizers.  We all ordered grilled grouper sandwiches and I forgot to take a photo of that….can you image!

Afterwards Jim and I drove to Best Buy in Pensacola so I could get the CD of WebRoot antivirus for my computer.  Stopped into a Bed Bath and Beyond as I haven’t been in one in a couple of years now.  Found a drying mat I liked, rectangular stainless steel measuring spoons that will fit into season bottles easily, an a package of Debbie Myers Green Bags (which I love to use).  Then it was off to TRY and find a propane place.  First stop American Gas…empty building-no longer there…down the street to another American Gas…they don’t fill bottles only commercial accounts, but go next door to U-Haul…they didn’t have a tank “wish they’d stop sending people here”….but there’s a U-Haul 14 blocks from here that does….wrong side of the street, 4 lane traffic, I’d getting tired, Jim is grouchy….go on home.

It was cold but warmer than it has been so we sat outside and did a “happy hour” with Charles.  Poncho started barking cause he wanted out also.  It was chilly so I wrapped him in a blanket.  Here’s what he and I looked like on a sunny day in northern Florida….can you believe it.


It was nice while the sun was out but once the sun set it got cold and we retired to our RV.  Charles brought over some snacks and we watched TV together for a while before saying goodnight.

It was a good day and it was nice to get out for a while after being cooped up the last few days because of the cold.  It is suppose to be getting warmer now, but expect a couple of days of rain to go along with the 60-70* weather….but warmer is good.

Remember, you are loved.


  1. I noticed in the background of the picture of you and Poncho what looks to be a ramp instead of steps. It looks like it folds up, Interesting. Peg Leg Pete looks good. Stay warm!!!

    1. Yes, Charles has a ramp for his doberman because he has a tendency to leap over the stairs but will walk down the ramp. Yes, it extends out and you push it to retrack. It's light weight and he said he cost about $120.

  2. That propane search is always a hassle. Miss you around here and I find Jim and grouchy in the same sentence unusual. Keep on enjoying. B

  3. Awww little Poncho looks like a burrito!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. It sure did get cold here in FL, but now is warning up. Safe travels


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