Friday, December 31, 2010

Bon Secour and Gulf Shores

Our friends, Rich and Terri Deacon, came in from Campbellsville, via a stop in Nashville to see a concert at Opryland.  Wednesday we had a hilarious time with them and the Mossman’s swapping stories about all our work at We all laughed so much.

Yesterday the Mossman’s were both under the weather, so we left them to heal and took off with the Deacon’s to show them the area.  We drove through Foley pointing out places to shop, get propane, etc. Then we drove to Gulf Shores to see the water.  I always get a kick out of seeing all the colorful houses. They are all on stilts as protection from flooding.  People park their cars under the houses between the stilts.

CIMG5516 CIMG5519
CIMG5522 CIMG5524
CIMG5530 CIMG5518

Rich and Terri enjoyed seeing the Gulf.  Also being from Colorado, none of us are around that kind of water and it is intriguing.

CIMG5529 CIMG5526
CIMG5527 CIMG5525

It was an overcast day and raining at times, but we enjoyed it anyway.


Next we drove to Bon Secour to visit Billy’s Seafood Market, a real fav of ours.  Billy’s have their own boats with this tiny fish market on site of their docks.  They feature several different types of shrimp, but we also bought red snapper, scallops and a seafood gumbo.

CIMG5538 CIMG5539
CIMG5541 CIMG5540

The last photo is one of the mounds of oyster shells on the property – leftovers from shucking.  Their parking lot is made up of crushed oyster shells. 


By then it was lunch time so we headed for Lambert’s CafĂ© in Foley, the home of the “throwed rolls”.  Yes, it is a touristy thing, but fulltime RVing is going to a lot of those types of places to say, “oh, yes, we’ve been there”, and then you can participate in the conversation of the crazy antics and huge servings they have there.

Note the fake ham
Our waitress
Huge rolls
Getting sorghum
Our meals…I got chicken wings.
Jim’s huge chicken fried steak

Yea, I know, I show a lot of photos of food….but you blog about things that are important to you….guess what’s important to me?  Ah, I need to take photos of my Brandy Manhattans now.

By then it was 2 p.m. and after a stop at Wally’s to get more beer and wine we went home for a nap.  About 5 p.m. the Deacon’s came over for happy hour and enjoy the evening together.

It was a full day with a lot of laughter, food, drink and fun.  Life is good!!!

Remember, you are loved.


  1. Great food report ! And the gulf scenery was ok too. He, he, you know that we are the same also. If the food ain't much count, then we won't be a' hangin ' there long ! Miss you guys ! Tell everyone hi for us please.

  2. Sounds like my kind of day and the food looks great to.


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