Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It’s so cold!!!!!

The whole east area is under siege with cold, and we’re not exempt here in Campbellsville, Kentucky.  With only 3 days of work left we are hanging on barely.  Living in an RV with single digit wind chill temperatures is not easy or fun. 

It was 15 lows last night with a wind chill factor of 7!!! We’re only staying here because of the $500 completion bonus we each get if we stay till our release date, which for us is Friday, December 17th.  I know I’ve talked about the cold weather here the last few posts, but it is so paramount in our lives right now.  Everything centers around the cold….buying propane several times a week to keep the furnace going to warm the water pipes and keep from them from freezing; starting the truck earlier so we can drive to work comfortably; buying a new truck battery because it barely started after work yesterday; deciding not to go out for dinner because it is just too damn cold; navigating the RV steps carefully because the snow is frozen on them; urging the dogs outside in 10 degree weather at 3:30 a.m. – not an easy chore; wanting to eat nothing but hot soup to try and get warm; checking the weather channel all day long to see if we’ll have nice enough weather to drive out of here Sunday.

We are mourning the passing of a fellow workamper, Judy Rather, who died in her sleep yesterday.  We worked with Judy and her husband, Jon, the last two years in Coffeyville, KS.  This year she worked in ICQA here in Campbellsville.  She was a sweet soul, short in stature but big in heart, with kind words for everyone.  You will be missed, Judy, happy camping.

Everyone, remember you are loved!!!

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  1. It's so cold everywhere sorry to hear about Judy and hope you guy's get to warm weather soon.


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