Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tunica, Mississippi

We’ve been staying at Hollywood Casino here in Tunica, MS the last few days.  The Mossman’s have friends who come here often and they wanted to visit them, so we took a detour on our way to Summerdale, AL.  So glad we did.  It has been a nice stop.

CIMG5483The RV park here is very, very nice. Paved, level sites with good spacing between rigs. Plus it is an short walk to the casino for the boys.  Linda and I stay in the rig and read with our Kindles. 

Both Linda and I have used this time to do a good cleaning of our rigs, as at Campbellsville we only had time to eat, sleep and work.  The poor rig got neglected.  But they are both sparkling clean now.  We even bathed the dogs.  The Mossman’s dog, Walker, is a bit of a handful to bathe, so I told Linda to let me try.  I brought him over to our rig and gave him a bath in the kitchen sink and he did fine.  Jim C. talked to him soothingly and I washed and he did great.  Just like children, sometimes another parent can get a child to do something their own parent can’t.  Dogs seem to be the same.

The Mossman’s have been plagued with mishaps with blown fuse that prevented their bedroom slide from retracting, bent strut under the bed and yesterday their shower fixture bit the dust leaking all over and beyond repair. They found a “will do” contraption and while going to Walmart to buy sealant, we saw the Weinermobile


Last night we grilled some steaks and I got the boys in action grilling and clowning around








We had a very pretty sunset also.  It’s not “Arizona pretty”, but not bad for the mid-south area.



This photo I call “Best Buddies”.


The two Jim’s have become very good friends and sure have enjoyed spending time together.  Linda and I are like sisters, so it makes for a very enjoyable time traveling together. 

Remember, you are loved.

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  1. Nice to see two good buddies. Looks like they had a good time.


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