Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Villager’s Cafe

Usually at happy hour we decide where we are going to go the next day or two, so last week we decided to all go together to The Villager’s Café in Maurice, Louisiana.  It’s only a little bit up the road north towards Lafayette.


This is a small place (former house) and there was about 18 of us, so we decided to get there at 11 a.m.  You know, older folks eat early lunch Smile

Here is Jim, Tom, Betty and Ann.  Note the memorabilia on the walls.


Here is the rest of the group scattered at tables and counters…too busy ordering to turn around…but I bet you can identify some of them from the back of their heads…ha-ha


The Villager’s Café is known for their po’boys and especially their Philly Cheese Sandwich that some say is better than what you get in Philadelphia.

This is their small order of fries…cut differently than most places.
Philly Cheese sandwich Jim, Ann and Betty had and marveled about.
Tom loved his shrimp po’boy
I enjoyed a grilled shrimp salad

Later at happy hour after we enjoyed all the snacks (more like a light meal), we rehearsed singing Christmas carols for when we sing at two or three nursing homes next week.  It is really surprising how well we all harmonized and sang together when you realize we are just a bunch of random people staying in the same RV park. Dodo and Dan did a great job accompanying us on the keyboard and guitar.  We smiled and laughed until our sides hurt.

What a great day….to spend the whole day in the company of happy, pleasant people who all get along with each other.  Betty brings out the best in all of us, doesn’t she?  We are so enjoying our time here at Betty’s RV Park.

Remember, you are loved.
Read the story behind this saying HERE


  1. Reading all your posts about Betty’s inspired us so we called and booked two weeks in March when we start heading west, so looking forward to the web...

    1. I looked at your blog and can't find your name anywhere. I told Betty and she asked for your name and I couldn't tell her. We will leave here before you arrive in March, but I'm sure you will have a wonderful time...everybody does.

    2. Got your answer but didn't want to publish it in case you didn't want the world to know. Hope we get to meet somehow in March.

  2. Howdy B&J,
    Why don't y'all put out a CD of your harmonizing?? I'll bet it'll sell a million copies then y'all could buy Betty's !!!!
    Remember y'all are too, also !!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh did that food look good, and would we have passed that on the way down there, it sort of looked familiar? Boy you guys are sure having a good time,,,,,down there, it is going to be on our bucket list one of these years coming across this way,,,,,,never know when that might be,,,,,do we need to make a reservation????? Again just love you Blogs I never miss a one! The Trout's

  4. Come on, a better Philly then in Philly! We will be in the area in mid Feb and have to check it out for ourselves. I believe those that said that never had a "real" Philly by Pat's or Geno's. LOL

    1. Oh, but yes, they both have eaten a Philly at Geno's and said The Villager's Cafe's version is better! Go figure.


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