Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quiet day

It was yet another cold and dreary day yesterday with overcast skies and temps in the 40s.  We stayed inside and watch TV while I knitted.

But come happy hour we all gathered in Betty’s Inside Room and enjoyed another night of camaraderie (thank goodness for spell check or I’d never get that word right).

We had all decided this would be pizza night so pretty soon we placed our order by phone and Jim and I went to pick up the four large pizzas from nearby Amore Pizzaroma.  As usual they were all grand!  I sure like the unusual combinations they have.  Take a look at their menu and scroll towards the bottom to see their pizza combinations.

Several salads were brought to round out our dinner….who brought that wonderful Peach Balsamic?

After dinner the frolicking began with much laughter…Jim providing some “work” stories that had us all wiping our eyes and holding our sides.  Dan and Merlene added their dry humor that had us clapping our hands in amusement for a good point made, etc. 

After our three hour happy hour, we called it a night.  Jim and I watched The Cowboy Tenors on PBS and some of The Sing-Off, competition of acapella groups. 

It was a good night….

Remember, you are loved.
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