Monday, December 23, 2013

Betty’s Choir at Nursing Homes

We are still at Betty’s RV Park.  Betty asked if all her guests would go Christmas caroling at three nursing homes….of course, we all said “yes”.  We had three rehearsals after happy hour with Dodo playing the keyboard and Dan on the guitar.  They did a wonderful job with all of us. 

LA-Betty's-Christmas carol practicing 2         LA-Betty's-Christmas carol practicing 4

LA-Betty's-Christmas carol practicing 3

Last Friday we set out at 9:30 a.m. to East Ridge Nursing Home.  All went well.

LA-Betty's-Christmas caroling at Nursing homes 2

We finished around 11 a.m. and all went to New China Buffet for a light lunch before our next “gig” at 1:30 at East Ridge Assisted Living Center.  Beautiful place and so lovely decorated.

LA-Betty's-Christmas caroling at Nursing homes 4

Wayne sang a great version of “Blue Christmas”

LA-Betty's-Christmas caroling at Nursing homes 5

Then it was time to loosen up before our last gig so we drove to the drive-thru daiquiri store.  Yes, these are all over the place.  You drive around the building, look at the drink “menu”, drive to the pick up window, order and get your drink.  Look at some of those drink names. 


A medium drink costs $6. We had strawberry daiquiris. I asked the guy how you get around the closed container laws.  He said “you don’t, you have to dodge, duck and weave”.  We had heard that they leave the top part of the straw wrapper on when they give you your drink and that fulfilled the requirement of being a closed container…..only in Louisiana!!!


We all went back to Betty’s and relaxed a little on the patio enjoying our drinks until it was time to go sing again.  Our last caroling was at Maison du Monde Living Center at 3:15.

LA-Betty's-Christmas caroling at Nursing homes 6


LA-Betty's-Christmas caroling at Nursing homes
Here is Peggy, Christy and me singing a Christmas version of the popular song “Hallelujah”
LA-Betty's-Christmas caroling at Nursing homes 3Jim sang “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” at each of the nursing homes. He made us all cry it was so touching.

It was amazing how well all our voices blended…we all sounded very good.  We all had a great time and the caroling was well received. It was fun to mingle with the guests and chat with them a little bit afterwards.

This was a nice tradition Betty has started.  I hope she continues it for many years to come.

Thank you, Merlene, for providing these photographs.  You did a great job as always.

Remember, you are loved.
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  1. What a super thing to do. Good work Betty. Merry Christmas. I remember the first time we saw a drive thru daiquiri store. I couldn't believe it.


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